Airplane Power Plants Systems Designing (synopsis) by V. Shmyrov, et al.,

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By V. Shmyrov, et al.,

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Design of Attachment of Rods 4, 4’ (Fig. 11) Fig. 13. Design of Nodes A (Fig. 11) In Fig. 14 the engine mounts of turbojet with the axial-flow compressor is shown. Here the engine is attached at two supporting locations to load–carrying frames. The node A carries thrust and is loaded in addition by side loads. The rod 5 takes part in carrying side loads. The load–carrying element A represents a pin, Fig. 15. When mounting the engine, the lower part of this pin enters into the spherical bearing installed on the engine.

4 )Ne . The aerodynamic forces, acting to a cowling of engine, are determined by wind-tunnel tests. The mass forces are applied in a center of mass of engine. These mass forces are gravity force and inertial forces. These inertial forces appear in case of changes of flight direction and aircraft attitude. At strength analysis, they usually use the coordinate system fixed in aircraft (the body axes). Origin of this coordinate system is fixed to center of mass of aircraft. The 0 x axis is directed forward along the axis of the aircraft.

3). Fig. 2. Dependence of Fuel Saturated Vapor Pressure on its Temperature: 1 — for Fuel T–1; 2 — for Fuel T–5 Fig. 3. Dependence of Fuel Kinematic Viscosity on its Temperature 4. ) impairs the operation of the fuel system. Water penetrates into fuel as a result of dissolution of water vapors of air or as a result of condensation in volumes with fuel. Water can be contained in fuel in dissolved and not dissolved condition. With fuel temperature increase, solubility of water in it increases. Thus an additional quantity of water from air dissolves in fuel.

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