Aiphanes (Flora Neotropica Monograph No. 70) Roystonea (FN by Finn Borchsenius, Rodrigo Bernal, Scott Zona, Andrew

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By Finn Borchsenius, Rodrigo Bernal, Scott Zona, Andrew Henderson, Gloria Galeano, Monica Moraes R.

Aiphanes (Palmae), by means of Finn Borchsenius and Rodrigo Bernal (Vol. 70); Roystonea (Arecaceae: Arecoideae), through Scott Zona (Vol. 71); Euterpe, Prestoeae, and Neonichlosonia (Palmae), by way of Andrew Henderson and Gloria Galeano (Vol. 72); and Allagoptera (Palmae), via Mónica Moraes R. (Vol. 73)

A taxonomic revision of every neotropical genus is gifted.

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Verrucosa pistillateflowers 9-11 mm long; S Ecuador ............... 21. Fruitred, smooth;pistillateflowers 3-7 mm long; Colombia .... 12. A. lindeniana 18. Pinnae narrowlyto broadlycuneate,widest at apex. 22. Pinnae usually abruptlywidening nearapex; anthers>1 mm long. 23. Stem solitary;pinnae20-40 per side; middle pinnae 8-25 cm wide at apex, usually tricuspidate;Trinidadto Bolivia, not in Ecuador ..... 2. A. aculeata 23. Stem caespitose;pinnae(30-)50-65 per side; middle pinnae 4-9 6. A. eggersii cm wide at apex, irregularlypraemorse;W Ecuador ...............

Middle pinnae. R. Aiphanes spicata (Kahn & Borchsenius2651). S. A. ulei (Balslev et al. 62045). T. A. weberbaueri(Asplund14667). U. A. weberbaueri(Kahn& Borchsenbius2546). V. A. weberbaueri(Borchsenius& Pedersen 91427). W. A. deltoidea (Kahn & Borchsenius2556). 45 SystematicTreatment A'~~~~~~~. - - 0/-00,~ ~ ~ ~ --I ~~~~~~~~~~~..? ~, "/ ~~~~~AA '"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 20 cm Y FIG. 21 X-Z, AA. Middle pinnae of Aiphanes hirsuta. X. fosteriorum(Skov et al. 64819). Y. Subsp. intermedia (Dransfield4854).

Tricuspidata Colombiaand Ecuador,W of the Andes..................... 24. Pinnaenot tricuspidate;stem solitaryor caespitose;spines black or yellow. 25. Pinnaetruncateto incised at apex (shorteralong the midrib than along the proximalmargin). 26. Stem solitary,usually <2 m tall; pinnae<5 cm wide at 19. A. weberbaueri apex; SE Ecuadorto Peru ........................ 26. Stem caespitose, usually >2 m tall; pinnae up to 15 cm wide at apex; Colombiato Ecuador. 27. Pinnaeinsertedin groupsof 4-5, usually with a row of slenderspines adaxiallyon the midrib; 12.

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