Advances in Population 3 by Lawrence J. Severy

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By Lawrence J. Severy

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Studies in the Methodology and Foundations of Science: Selected Papers from 1951 to 1969

The twenty-three papers amassed in tbis quantity characterize a massive a part of my released paintings as much as the date of this quantity. i have never prepared the paper chronologically, yet less than 4 major headings. half I comprises 5 papers on technique concerned about versions and dimension within the sciences.

The Foundations of Expected Utility

This booklet bargains a unified remedy of my learn within the foundations of anticipated application concept from round 1965 to 1980. whereas components are new, the presentation attracts seriously on released articles and some chapters in my 1970 monograph on software concept. the various notations and types of the assets have after all been reconciled right here, and their themes prepared in a logical series.

The Making of Experimental Economics: Witness Seminar on the Emergence of a Field

This ebook is the transcript of a witness seminar at the heritage of experimental economics, during which 11 high-profile experimental economists participated, together with Nobel Laureates Vernon Smith, Reinhard Selten and Alvin Roth. The witness seminar used to be built alongside 4 diversified subject matters: abilities, group, laboratory, and investment.

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Work on these issues is still in its infancy, but the promise for important scientific advances is great, particularly in light of the rapidly developing capabilities of both quantitative genetics and molecular genetic research. The recognition of genetic influences on fertility leads to a further point, that fertility is at least in part the product of evolution. That evolution and natural selection occur is by now practically undisputed among scientists, and mating and reproduction are critical components of this process.

Pasta, James MacMurray, Connie Chiu, Shijuan Wu and David E. Comings 53 Acceptability as a Critical Component of Clinical Trials Lawrence J. Severy 103 'There is a Measure in all Things' Malcolm Potts 123 Pubertal Changes in Testosterone and Implications for Adolescent Sexuality Carolyn Tucker Halpern and J. Richard Udry 127 Page vi Power over Interdependent Behavior within the Dyad: who Decides what a Couple does? Christopher R. Agnew 163 Parent-Adolescent Communication about Sex and Birth COntrol: Implications for Parent Based Interventions to Reduce Unintended Adolescent Pregnancy James Jaccard, Patricia J.

It implies a basic research agenda that, if mastered, will greatly enhance our ability and perspective in addressing the pressing issues of the day. In the following sections of this essay, I touch on past, current and future developments within a number of disciplines that are helping to contribute to this research agenda. Biological Factors and Fertility As noted above, one of the significant advances in demographic work of the 1950s was the identification of 'intermediate variables' based on the biological processes leading to fertility, through which all other influences must operate.

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