Advanced Finite Element Simulation with MSC Marc: by Zia Javanbakht, Andreas Öchsner

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By Zia Javanbakht, Andreas Öchsner

This e-book bargains an in-depth perception into the general-purpose finite aspect application MSC Marc, that is disbursed through MSC software program company. it's a really expert software for nonlinear difficulties (implicit solver) that is universal in academia and undefined. the first aim of this ebook is to supply a finished advent to a different function of this software program: the consumer can write user-subroutines within the programming language Fortran, that is the language of all classical finite aspect applications. This subroutine function permits the consumer to interchange definite modules of the center code and to enforce new positive aspects resembling constitutive legislation or new components. hence, the performance of industrial codes (‘black box’) can simply be prolonged through linking person written code to the most center of this system. this selection permits to exploit a advertisement software program package deal with the flexibleness of a ‘semi-open’ code.

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Because this name indicates in this case that it is related to some elements, the elm part of the identifier is more important. e. the elmLst name is preferred. This type of sorting will ease the search for similar name since one knows that anything related to elements start with the elm. Fortran 95, names can be 31 characters long. This length is improved to 63 characters in Fortran 2003. 1 Preliminary Concepts 17 Aside from the mentioned points, there are some conventions among programmers. For instance, the letters i, j and k are usually used as loop counters (possibly originated from the old Fortran codes with implicit type declaration) or the letter n is used as a prefix for the number of a quantity.

The third basic structure is a repetition, iterative or loop structure which repeats a block of code; called a loop body (Fig. 8). In this structure, a Boolean expression determines how many times the loop body will be repeated. Based on when this Boolean expression is tested, at the beginning (top) or at the end (bottom) of each loop, different control structures will be used. 3 Structured Programming 23 Flowchart Pseudo-code False Condition True 1 False Condition True 2 False Condition True 3 False Condition True 4 Default block Block 1 Block 2 IF condition1 THEN Block1 ELSE IF condition2 Block2 ELSE IF condition3 Block3 ELSE IF condition4 Block4 ELSE Default block END IF Block 3 Block 4 (a) Demonstrated using a nested decision structure Flowchart Pseudo-code Test Expression Default Default block Case 1 Block 1 Case 2 Block 2 Case 3 Block 3 Case 4 SELECT CASE Test Expression CASE case1 Block 1 CASE case2 Block 2 CASE case3 Block 3 CASE case4 Block 4 CASE ELSE Default block END SELECT Block 4 (b) Demonstrated using a case decision structure Fig.

The counter or the do-variable in the syntax is merely an integer. The first, second and third scalar-integer-expression are the starting, finish and step (increment) values for the counter, respectively. In other words, after assigning the first integer value to the counter the block runs for the first time and then the step value is added and the block runs again. This loop continues until reaching the finish value and then, the program will execute the first statement after the END DO statement.

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