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By Shirley Tarbell, Express Learning

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Just look in the classified ads in your town or city newspaper, and you will see that there is always a long list of available jobs for administrative assistants/secretaries. " We all know there's now a proliferation of paper such as the world has never known. And it all has to be dealt with in some wayorganized and coordinated, typed and revised and polished, and filed so that it can be found again. And that job, as Vreeland pointed out, is likely to be given to an administrative assistant or secretary.

Many organizations are now hiring at-home employees for various Page 21 kinds of secretarial work involving computer operations, even setting the worker up with a home office equipped with a computer hooked into the main office. If you choose to work at home, there are two ways to go about it: freelance or working for a company or organization. The advantages of working at home include: freedom to set your own hours greater variety of work (if you freelance) freedom from restrictive rules about breaks, length of lunch hours, taking off for appointments, and so forth (if you freelance) freedom from the stress of office politics being able to work in your bathrobe with your dog, Bob, at your feet The drawbacks can include: less job security (if you freelance) few or no benefits (if you freelance) lower pay (especially if you freelancehowever, companies who hire home workers frequently pay well and do provide benefits) cabin fever from staying home too much Deciding on a Work Environment The above is a very general summary of types of office environments; of course the list is not exhaustive (administrative assistants/secretaries are needed in hospitals, churches, and charitable institutions and in such diverse concerns as auto body shops, riding stables, bakeries, massage parlors, and funeral homes), and there are many exceptions and much overlap.

I read Stephen King's The Shiningall 300-plus scary pagesduring my first two weeks. My boss would come out of his office and ask for periodic updates on the plot. There was what most people would think of as a down side to all this, however. m.! That job suited my temperament, but you might prefer a fast-paced work atmosphere such as that created by Valerie's jogging bosssome people thrive on speed and stressor at least something a bit more structured. To focus on the type of internship you want to go into (if you're in school) or the job you're suited for, start by making a list of preferences.

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