Acoustics and Hearing by Peter Damaske

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By Peter Damaske

If you happen to take heed to track at domestic, you need to have an acoustic influence as regards to being within the live performance corridor. this can be accomplished by way of a complicated two-loudspeaker approach and digital dealing with of the signs. the right way to head-related sound replica and reception to get the unique influence is defined during this accomplished ebook at the outer impression of listening to and the way to accomplish ideal stereo results. The publication additionally introduces a thought of go with the flow thresholds.

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The answers were not taken down but showed that the speech was essentially perceived in the horizontal plane. Subjects of all age groups between 13 and 68 years took part in this preexperiment. Of the persons who agreed to take part no one was excluded. All their results are included in the diagram. Five subjects knew their task in advance, but it was probably unknown to all the others. When leaving the room each subject was requested not to talk about the contents of the experiment. 4 Surround Sound in a Living Room, Main Experiment The pre-experiment showed that surround sound can be realized with only two loudspeakers in a living room.

Warble tones were used for these measurements. The centre frequencies of the third octave ranges are given in the polar diagrams plotted in relation to the listener’s head. At frequencies between 400 Hz and 4 kHz the main lobes have widths between 70◦ and 120◦ measured at −5 dB, if we neglect the splitting. 3 kHz the widths are between 50◦ and 70◦ , determined by the tweeters. As a result of the overall bundling the stochastic reverberation of the reproduction room will be less powerful at the listener’s seat.

13. Directivity of the loudspeakers ponents can interfere more clearly at the ears. This results in greater precision of the sound image. If the head is moved sideways the centre of the stereo image will follow this movement to a smaller extent than with omnidirectional loudspeakers. Let us explain this observation for the case in which the compensation is 24 1 Head-Related Stereophony switched off: If the subject moves to the left, for example, the direct sound component of the left channel will increase less than without bundling, and the direct component of the right channel will decrease less.

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