Acacia Mangium: Growing and Utilization by Kamis Awang, Davis Taylor (eds)

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By Kamis Awang, Davis Taylor (eds)

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Ltardiyanto. 1983. Seed collections of tropical acacias in Indonesia. Papua S e w Gumea and Australra. Forest Ciene~lcKcsources lnformauon No. ; 2-15, Rome: FAO. Verdcourt. B. 1979. Mntrutrl of N r w Gurtten L P p m r s . Botany Bulleun No. I I. Madang. Papua New Gtunea: Kristen Press. Wrckneswiur, K. 19R9. Use of rsozyrne analysls In a proposd Acocm n r a n p m x Acncia aunculi/omis seed produchon orclrard. J. 7'rop. For. Sci. ):157- 164. W. 1976. lrrtrotlucrror~To Forest Gmerics. New York: Acadenuc Press.

Scctl c c d l c c t ~ o ~oi sf trcyvcal acaclns I n Indoncs~;~. (;ulnc;l ~ a11t1:\us~r;~l~;l. I ~n t o r ~ ~ ~ So. n ~ ~12: o n2- 15. A( ). Acacia mangium Growing and Utilization lor In~crnarionalAgrlcultural Research. T Muci liutan Persatla Dartto Wdyarsono. 1992. Penplaliian perilhatan pcsr~naiandan produkxi bibit di I I'ac~ficGroup. Paper presentetl at the nauonal setlunar on the status of Indonesian s i l v i c u l ~ ~ ~ April r r . 27-29. 1932. Yogyakarta. III L ) c ~ d o p i ~ iCounrrrcs, g etl.

16. C a n k n a : ACIAR. trr Developltrg Coutrtnes, ed. W. Sedgley. M.. 11. Jane. M. Srrrrth . 1993. llyhridrzatron tsclrruques for Acncia. ACIAR Technical Report 30. I I pp. Sedgley. M.. C Y Yong. N. Valerre. 11. Jane. Smdr. M.. G. Koh. and Nrmatl Tajuddln. 1992. Plrenology and Arncm nurrculfimrrs In Australla and Malaysn. In B r e e d r n ~Techtrologies for of Acncrn nuurgru~~r 7roprcnlAramrs. ~ ~ 1LsT. M. Aken; 36-44. ACIAR Proceed~ngsNo. 37. Canberra: t\CIAK. Sherry. P. 1971. Thc Bl(ick Wnrtlc ( A c a c ~ an~earnsiiD r .

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