A Treasury of Old Silver by KURT M. SEMON

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It was collected at the assay office and the fifth mark, a Sovereign's head, was added to the foul' already described . Therefore, we have the head of George III, George I V, William I V, and Queen Victoria on s ilver objects produced between the years 1784 and 1890 when both tax and mark were discontinued. Only four marks appeal' between 1890 and 1935 but from 41 E G Li ' H S ILVER lion passa nl. 1t was en fo rced from 1696 until 1720, A fte r the la tter da te, it was a llowed if a cr afts ma n wis hed to d evelop a piece in th e fin er meta l.

William Randolph I lea rst) e,· cceded hoth the e,p eCial io n.. of I h e o wn('I" and Iho<;(' rccorded at prc\ iom sale\ of Ellgli .. h sil\cr. EH'Il .. 0 , Ille h1g11 pI ilcs paid at Ihal lillie h;ne sin ce bccn \ lIrpa ... "xl. 1$ fillS s,h~r mQul/ft'd 0",. ~ill sleel>le-cups wtrt (t'rrwo"jal dri"lIl11g 11('J~ds. ," ocanng Lon( on hall /·or,nr. (""II. M. rarJl mark:, for 1611 - / 2. 9- 1,I'UlOt'lh(JIl IUw,. t U/T't'f· Whcll th cse wcre ofthe 111 ,11 lct. >e to lened al Ihe S~\'a\l"ling ~a lc they rcali/cd ~i/l moull/j /III/WI!

After 1650, therefore. we find coffee. tea and chocolate pots; tea and coffee spoons; and. for a time, sih'er tea cups made after the style of the Chinese tea bowl. During the late Stuart period silver design showed marked Dutch inHuence. tulips. anemones. acanthus leav~. fruit, animals and amorini were embossed in bold relief. With the coming of the Huguenot sih'ersmith after the Re\'ocation of the A TREASURY OF OLD SILVER Edict of Nantes, 1685- a great change apl>eared in the art of the silvers mith.

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