A Rocky Mountain Lichen Primer by James N. Corbridge Jr., William A. Weber, Ken C. Abbott

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By James N. Corbridge Jr., William A. Weber, Ken C. Abbott

A Rocky Mountain Lichen Primer is an creation and box consultant to lichens within the Rocky Mountain quarter. It gains seventy-two colour plates picturing the most typical and conspicuous species to be present in the mountains and foothills of the Rockies. a lot of those lichens also are universal in different geographic components, giving the e-book a broader application for these attracted to lichens somewhere else. as well as the plates, A Rocky Mountain Lichen Primer incorporates a short description of every species to help in identity, in addition to a common creation to lichens and their constitution. The publication is adapted to the amateur, and encompasses a part on starting a lichen assortment.

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Pubescens, is similar but the branches are much more slender and lack the irregular swellings. Page 27 51. ]. Several small species of Umbilicaria are frequent on shaded granite boulders in the foothills canyons. They are dark brown or black, with circular or angular convex apothecia crisscrossed with deep furrows. This species has horizontal plates (called trabeculae) on the underside radiating from the central umbilicus. No other species has these. 52. Aspicilia caesiocinerea [blue-gray]. One of the most ubiquitous of lichens on granite rocks, covering large areas and giving the rock a gray color.

The most elegant treatment of Central European lichens, with stunning color plates. Don't let the language put you off! Page 41 Glossary A Alga A green or blue-green one-celled plant (or cyanobacterium). In lichens these occupy a layer just beneath the cortex. (Also called phycobionts). Apothecium (plural, apothecia) The most conspicuous spore-bearing structure on the surface of lichens; a disk-shaped structure that produces ascospores. Appressed Closely anchored to the substrate. Areolate Characterized by having the thallus broken into small, discrete patches or blocks.

The apothecia are pink! There is nothing else like this. When well developed, the thallus can be a foot or more in diameter. 66. Leprocaulon gracilescens [slender]. An extremely delicate and brittle, slender white fruticose lichen with little knotty branches, growing in more or less tightly packed groups in crevices of granite rocks. Apothecia are unknown. A similar, smaller species with a distinctly green thallus is L. microscopicum, in similar sites. A third species, L. subalbicans, is white, and grows in tufts of mosses in the alpine tundra.

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