A Course In Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar GPSG by Paul Bennett

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By Paul Bennett

The "Generalized word constitution Grammar" GPSG is a big syntactic conception which has been followed by means of the computational linguistics international. this article assumes an introductory wisdom of syntactic concept and covers all of the major constructs of the grammar.

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So what GPSG actually does is to use integers as the values of SUBCAT, and to include these in both lexical entries and ID-rules. In order to try and limit confusion, we shall keep as far as possible to the integers used for frames in Gazdar et al. (1985). In the case of ‘transitive’, this means (33). (33) a. V1 V0[2], NP b. eat: V0[2] Since SUBCAT is (besides BAR and PER) the only attribute with integers as values, V0[2] is an unambiguous abbreviation for V0[SUBCAT 2] (or, if you insist, for {[+V], [−N], [BAR 0], [SUBCAT 2]}).

We shall not prove this here (for a proof, see Shieber 1984, pp. 145–6), but the example just given illustrates how this can be achieved. If new non-terminals can be invented at will, any CFG can be rewritten so that it generates the same language but lacks ordering contradictions and so can be put into ID/LP format. A CFG that can be put into ID/LP format is said to have the property of Exhaustive Constant Partial Ordering (ECPO, for short). The ordering is partial because not every pair of categories need be ordered with respect to each other, and it is constant because any ordering of sisters is maintained across all the rules of the grammar.

Hence they do not affect the weak generative capacity of the grammar, which remains able to generate only context-free languages (henceforth, CFLs). But now that we have introduced ID/LP format in place of PS-rules, we should ask whether this innovation affects generative capacity. We have so far seen a number of cases in which a set of PS-rules (whether we explicitly stated them or not) could be converted into a grammar in ID/LP format. However, this is not always the case. ). (27) a. S NP VP b.

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