2014 Standard Catalog of World Coins, 2001-Date by George S. Cuhaj, Thomas Michael

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By George S. Cuhaj, Thomas Michael

Стандартный каталог монет мира Krause с 2001 г. по сегодняшний день, 8-е издание. Это копия официального электронного каталога Krause. Есть возможность увеличения изображений монет и поиска по тексту. Квалифицированный справочник, представляет цены, изображения и характеристики монет периода от 2001 года по сегодняшний день. Информация удобно упорядочена по странам и выпускам монет, что обеспечивает быстрый поиск. Каталог содержит более 5000 фотографий монет. Незаменимое пособие для коллекционеров.

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03 million. Capital: Buenos Aires. Its varied topography ranges from the subtropical lowlands of the north to the towering Andean Mountains in the west and the wind-swept Patagonian steppe in the south. The rolling, fertile pampas of central Argentina are ideal for agriculture and grazing, and support most of the republic's population. Meatpacking, flour milling, textiles, sugar refining and dairy products are the principal industries. Oil is found in Patagonia, but most mineral requirements must be imported.

9990 oz. 6 mm. , 65 mm. Subject: 10th Anniversary of Constitution Obv: National arms Rev: Seated allegorical woman holding scrolled constitution Edge: Reeded Note: Illustration reduced. 117 oz. ASW, 166x240 mm. 0498 oz. 92 mm. 9990 oz. AGW, 33 mm. 900 oz. ASW, 120 mm. Obv: Eagle with wings outstretched Rev: National Arms Note: 29mm thick. 0999 oz. 46 mm. 80 oz. ASW, 140 mm. ) The Argentine Republic, located in southern South America, has an area of 1,073,518 sq. mi. (3,761,274 sq. 03 million. Capital: Buenos Aires.

For earlier issues see Curacao and the Netherlands Antilles. , Nickel Bonded Steel, 20 mm. , Nickel Bonded Steel, 16 mm. , Nickel Bonded Steel, 26 mm. 9990 oz. 6 mm. Obv: National arms Rev: Dove, Noah's Ark and sun rise over Mt. 9942 oz. 2 mm. 9901 oz. 5 mm. 4mm thick. , Nickel Bonded Steel, 18 mm. 117 oz. ASW, 100 mm. Obv: National arms Rev: Noah's Ark Note: 14mm thick. 58 oz. 6 mm. , Nickel Bonded Steel, 20 mm. , Nickel Bonded Steel, 30 mm. , Nickel Bonded Steel, 26 mm. 3539 oz. ASW, 29 mm. 3539 oz.

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